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How to choose t shirt for men:

5 tees you should have in your closet

A trusty t shirt is the foundation on which most casual outfits rely. In fact, modern fashion shows us that elegant and trendy looks can also be created with a simple t shirt. In other words, dress shirts no longer have the exclusive! How many times have you urgently needed a t shirt, walked into the first open store and bought a black t shirt or a white one? Well guys, in order not to find you at the last minute running around shops and looking for the right tee for you, we have selected five types of t shirt for men that won’t be missing in your closets from now on, you will always be ready. The basic plain t shirts

The most basic of all tees is the white t shirt with the crew neck. It's the most simple and versatile t-shirt you can own. Practically you can combine it with anything and wear it under an outer shirt or as an outer shirt, depending on the outfit. The second tee that you will no longer be able to do without is the black t shirt, always with the crew neck. Isaac knows how to match the basic t shirts perfectly: the first look is more casual, combined with beige chino pants, high sneakers and a pouch. The second one is a comfortable total black look, perfect for streetwear. The Oversized t shirts

The craziest thing about oversized t shirts is that they are elegant and informal at the same time (how is that possible?). If matched correctly, the oversized t shirts will make all the difference in your summer 2022 looks. If you are into this trend of oversized fashion, you can simply buy tees a couple of sizes larger than yours. Personally, I recommend you to buy those specially designed to be oversized, because they have details that you will not find in other tees, such as the slightly longer sleeves. V-neck t shirts for more original look

The alternative to crew neck t shirts are the v-neck ones. Legend has it that crew necks make slimmer men look as if they have broader shoulders than if they choose v-neck t shirts, I don't know if that's true. Sure, now that oversized fashion is back on track, it's not a period of popularity for v-neck t shirts. But don't despair, because so many celebrities use and love them, however, remember that the most important thing about fashion is that it must represent your tastes, not those of others. They are usually tighter t shirts and emphasize the physical structure. The most sensual look is definitely combining the v-neck t shirts with a pair of jeans. The printed t shirts

Here we enter a completely separate world,the one of printed t shirts. We are in the fulcrum of the summer looks: as long as you opt for printed t shirts you can't go wrong. However, there are two things you have toconsider: first, choose printed t shirts with cool graphics, we don't want vulgar or offensive writings or drawings, but artistic ones. Second, and more importantly, as printed t shirts often have many colors mixed together, you have to be careful how they combine them, otherwise you will look like a rainbow.

The designer t shirts

The most popular together with the oversized ones, the designer t shirts are practically basic t shirts with the logo of the brand that produces them on top. They are much loved and even more bought, each brand has its logo t shirts, and in the last years lots of celebrities have collaborated with popular brands and created their own capsule collections of designer t shirts. Among the most popular designer t shirts are those of Supreme, Gucci, Palm Angels, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Fendi... but obviously there are also cheaper and still very cool ones, such as Nike, Adidas, Vans, New balance, and all other sportswear brands.

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