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How to wear a polo shirt for men: 4 outfit ideas

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

It’s the perfect middle ground between a t-shirt and a dress shirt, the perfect garment for many everyday life events that aren't totally formal, but aren't sporty either. Contrary to what you may think, the polo shirt for men is quite versatile and special.

Business look: polo with casual pants

The second name of polo shirts is definitely "casual", so it is clear that the choice of trousers is crucial. Since we are talking about a "casual attire" dress code, the best trousers are definitely beige or khaki chinos. Another important thing for this look is the fit of the polo shirt, which doesn't have to be too baggy or overly tight (it doesn't have to look like a tank top!). You can leave it out of the pants, as Julian did in his elegant beige total look, adding sneakers to tone it down; or you can put the polo shirt inside the pants and use a belt as an accessory, making the look more formal, as Daniel did. Summer look: polo with shorts

You can complete this look with a pair of loafers, but let's face it, the perfect shoes are sneakers. Tim is wearing a two-tone polo shirt and beige cargo shorts. The cap and sneakers contrast, for a perfect aperitif look. Julian has the typical Italian shorts + polo look: classic beige polo by Ralph Lauren and dark chino shorts, stylish and elegant. In Italy men usually wear espadrilles for this look, or even flip flops when at the beach. Everyday look: polo and jeans

Among the evergreen trends of the polo shirt for men there is the combination with jeans and sneakers. Definitely a summer outfit that always saves if you don't know what to wear. Wear jeans that are dark enough but not the same color as the polo and not too baggy. Depending on if the occasion is more formal, wear a belt, and tuck the polo shirt inside the jeans. Look for open collar designs with a fit that's on the fitted side. For street style lovers: polo with baggy pants

Here's how to wear a polo shirt for men with baggy pants. We have always talked about polo shirts as the perfect garment for occasions, but in reality with a little creativity it can also be used as a streetwear outfit. I will tell you that perhaps it’s even easier to combine them together: first of all, sneakers are mandatory in this outfit, as well as an oversized fit of the polo shirt (if it were tight it would be a disaster). As for the trousers, the most stylish ones I would say are the cargos, like the ones Sadat wears. Of course, you can also choose other types of trousers, as long as they fit baggy. And since we are still on the subject of summer, you are not afraid to dare with colors: do as Asher does!

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