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Top 5 shorts for men to wear this summer

Whether they are sporty, elegant, jeans, baggy, they are a fundamental item of summer casual looks: easy to wear, both comfortable and stylish, they are perfect for many different occasions. And by the way, who said that only women like to show their legs? However, the models of shorts for men are many and they change depending on the length, shape, fit, material. So, therefore StyleSearch has created the top 5 shorts for men to wear this summer: after reading this blog, you will no longer be unprepared! Everyday look: denim shorts

It is preferable to combine them with sneakers, but if you happen to use them for an aperitif at sunset, I would opt for espadrilles or moccasins, to be a little more original and elegant. Let's talk about fit and shape: I like knee-length denim shorts, without rips and not too tight (those worn by Tim are perfect), but if you feel a more street-style vibe, you can opt for ripped baggy denim shorts, or if you want to show off the hard work you have done in the gym during the year, you can wear shorter and more fitted denim shorts, as Corné did. Evening casual looks: chino shorts

Chino shorts look more tailored and streamlined than other shorts, but are less formal than classic ones and come in a wider variety of colors. Chino shorts are essential in summer closets, because they are comfortable, functional and elegant at the same time. Remember that even if they are semi-formal shorts, they need to be comfortable and light on the skin. When trying on some, choose the ones that are neither too tight nor too loose. As for the colors, I recommend colors like beige, khaki, navy blue, the evergreens of chino shorts. For a baggy look: cargo shorts

Cargo shorts are suitable for more chill looks and are easily recognizable because they have side pockets, but they’re not less stylish: as for the longer version, the most popular color is khaki, but they are available in many other shades. Basically, the range of beige and green colors is always the best choice and you can combine them with an oversized t shirt. Amir's choice was to wear Yeezy slippers with white socks: I didn't think I'd ever love this combination until now! Speaking of looks I didn't know I would love, Sadat's pastel yellow total look is certainly unconventional but really trendy, those cargo shorts are really cool. Beach party look: white shorts for men

When I think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind are dinners and parties on the beach, so I decided to select for you the perfect shorts for an evening at the beach: white shorts for men. Elegant, stylish and in theme with the season, the white shorts for men are perfect to pair with a linen shirt and moccasins: Gun is very elegant in this summer look, but he’s also modern and trendy. Extra tip: if you want to amaze with your style, use some linen white shorts for men.  Comfy look: sport shorts

Technically conceived for athletes, sport shorts are actually a must for any type of outdoor activity that requires comfort. Their popularity has turned them into a must-have item of the contemporary male wardrobe. The sport shorts are extremely light and skin-friendly, perfect for any sporting activity, even in the summer heat (sorry, you have no excuse). If you opt for the shorter cut you will have maximum freedom of movement, otherwise you can use knee-length sport shorts with a wider fit. The breathable fabric, the elasticated waistband and often the presence of the side logo make them stylish even for a city look, like that of Terry, who is definitely not going to play sports.

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