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Top 5 bodycon dresses for this summer

Now, some of you may think that due to its tight nature, bodycon dresses can only be used by young, skinny girls. WRONG! It doesn't matter your age or your body shape. Do you know what is the only thing that matters when wearing a bodycon dress? Self-confidence, the most beautiful accessory a woman can wear. In this spirit, here is our top five bodycon dresses for this summer.

Mini bodycon dresses

Surely, the most revealing ones are the mini bodycon dresses. Perfect for summer, this mini dresses are perfect for an evening look. But remember that between being sexy and being excessive it's a short step. So, don't: overdo with accessories and jewelry, and don't put on exaggeratedly high heels. Open sandals or stylish pumps are much better. Here are two mini bodycon dresses used correctly: Isabelle chose a mini black bodycon dress in satin, while Rebecca chose a lilac one with ruffles. Note that both have very few accessories, light makeup and loose hair: a perfect summer look! Midi bodycon dresses

If you are looking for a true celebrity look, the midi bodycon dresses are for you. I'll tell you a little secret: they are also the most purchased online among bodycon dresses, as a blog writer I know these things! The nice thing about midi bodycon dresses is that you can really combine them with everything: sneakers, pumps, heels. They are great for many occasions: if used in a sober way they are also perfect for an office look, to avoid trousers during the summer heat. I have chosen for you a midi bodycon dress look for the day and one for the evening. Summer wears a bright orange sleeveless bodycon dress, which captures the whole scene alone, paired with sneakers and a tiny yellow handbag. Summer by name and by nature

Bodycon dresses with long sleeves

Bodycon dresses with long sleeve are another much loved version of this type of dress. In this case you can see mini bodycon dresses, but of course the length can vary as you prefer. Small tip: being bodycon dresses with long sleeves, if you are a person who suffers from the heat, opt for the short sleeves ones, otherwise you will see the sweat stain and it could be unpleasant. I love the color and shape of Beckie's dress, a shirt dress with rouches, very romantic. Chrissy chose a black dress that she paired with blue sandals and a brown handbag. I love that she completed the look with an oversized blazer, even though she isn't wearing it. That’s why the black bodycon dress is so popular: It goes with everything.

Off the shoulder bodycon dresses

summer is all about bare shoulders clothes. I love to show off my tan, highlighting it by choosing light colors for the dresses. That's why I chose two off the shoulder bodycon dresses: a mini one and a long one, both gorgeous. Evie's dress is white and slightly transparent, sexy but not excessive. I also love the colors of the second look, in a lilla and pink palette, very pretty. Bodycon printed dress

A solid black bodycon dress is a classic choice, and a very popular one, so It’s easier to combine the other accessories without being too strong. But if you're feeling bold, experiment with patterns and printings. A bodycon printed dress is perfect on hot days, when you don't need the jacket and you can show it off. Since bodycon printed dress is usually multicolored, opt for accessories in plain colors. I fell in love with Amber's bodycon printed dress in black and khaki, paired with white Texan boots. But let's talk about the color explosion of Lauren's look: don't tell me summer isn't a lifestyle!

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